This website is currently under construction. If you need help with a topic related to those listed on the topics page, let me know. You can set up a website consulting session by emailing The fee currently is $80 per hour with a minimum of 30 minutes for over the phone help.

Both web consulting or certain kinds of troubleshooting and support help are available. Support for hosts around the world is getting worse and worse. Whether you need an objective voice to help get you started in the right direction, or whether you need support help with things like DNS or email deliverability issues that your host is not solving, I can help.

Please visit this page later for more updated information.

The Following is the payment button for web consulting services, not for donations to help me continue making the free instructional videos. Please do NOT pay for services until instructed to. Please use the following button to pay for prearranged Web Consulting once we have already been in contact:

Web Consulting per 30 minutes

If you instead want to donate to help with the free video project, please use the following link instead: