Need to know how to start online? Need to make sense of what direction is right for you? Need to be more effective and efficient on the web?

At Web Consulting Guru, we strive to help you understand the complex digital world, gain confidence in knowing how to navigate his complex environment, and make the most of your time and money. The digital world is filled with many risks, and many ways to throw away endless amounts of time and money in pursuit of a goal that can seem ever further out of reach the more you work for it.

Success is not only possible, it is something that you can understand better how to get. Whether you are a novice or have been online for a while, we have the knowledge and perspective to help you learn how to navigate this complex environment and find more effective paths to online success.

No this is not just a service to learn how to use technology. Web consulting is both education and personalized guidance to help you find a path all your own. There are many voices asking for your business, and many paths that claim to guarantee success. It is ONLY when you understand better the choices that affect your unique situation, and hear applicable experiences in the industry that affect you, that you can truly be confident that you are on the most efficient path to your best chance of success.

All across the industry, hosting and tech providers have let go of experienced staff while hiring those with no tech experience. Many across the industry have outsourced their customer service to places overseas that are neither trained in the culture or the tech. Yes there are many experts across the world, yet the overseas call and chat centers employ few if any, in most cases. Whether talking to help in the US or abroad, chances are greater than ever that those you connect with have only had minimal training and experience themselves. It is just not something that most providers do to hire employees with the years of industry experience needed to truly guide you to make the best decisions and understand the environment you are trying to be competitive in.

Lets face it, most “help” is trying to sell you something, if you ask about what products you need to succeed, or what direction you take. Whether it is hosting products, site security, website builders, or professional web services, finding a truly objective voice is getting harder and harder to do.

On this site, there are many free introductory videos to many web and email related topics. A lot of very valuable information is on them and I give them free of charge. If they help guide you and provide valuable information that helps you, then I ask to please donate. They have taken me many years of learning and working in tech to get, and a good amount of money and time to produce. Think of it as a trained and experienced musician playing at your favorite restaurant. If they have mastered their craft well, and brought enjoyment to you, then giving some back to them is only fair. Any donations will be much appreciated.

If you are in need of more in depth personal assistance, then consulting services are absolutely available as well. The rates are on the Web Consulting page. I will be happy to help give personal assistance as needed in whatever area of expertise that I cover. Having personalized help can be essential as this is a competitive industry that can eat up both your time and money giving little back if you are not careful. Think of me as an objective third party that is here only to help you understand your way and solve problems. Knowing the direction to find the best chance of success is worth many many hours of time and resources that would otherwise be wasted.