Choosing the right translation services for your business


If you start a multinational business, translating a document at some point will be truly unavoidable. It is really easy to assume that everybody speaks English and you don’t need to worry about translating your documents. This could prove to be a huge mistake, because a good translation will make a really good impression on your foreign clients or business partners. Communication is the key to international relations, therefore the best approach would be proper translation. Its quality is also really important because a small mistake, like a missing letter or an accent could change the entire meaning of a sentence, leading to embarrassment or misunderstandings that could prove to be very expensive.

We have already established that a good translation is required, but how do we find one? Luckily, the internet provides the answer. With all the growing multinational companies, the demand has also grown, making translating a very popular job. You can find plenty of websites, consulting companies, and freelancers offering translating services, and you can choose from a really large price range.

There are two types of “unofficial” translating services you can choose from: machine and human. Both of them can suit your needs, but you must choose depending on the specifications of the job. Machines are automatically cheaper, and much faster. They work on a number of syntax rules, therefore providing a grammatically correct translation in a matter of seconds. But these machines usually miss the idiomatic expressions, therefore losing the meaning of the sentence. These situations can create misunderstandings, so this type of translation is recommended for letters or other less important documents, and must be avoided when it comes to contracts or other official paper work – reason for which we do NOT recommend them.

On the other hand, human translators are more expensive and take more time but they can make out the meaning of idiomatic expressions and provide a fully accurate translation. But because of their human condition, they are more likely to make small mistakes, which are unacceptable when it comes to important documents. Therefore, if you need a good translator, you must be very careful when you choose him. There are a number of guidelines to help you with that. First of all, check for feedbacks, see if his clients were happy with the result and do not hesitate to keep searching if you see anything that you don’t like. Then, make sure that your translator is experienced in your line of work. You might think it is hard to find somebody who understands both the languages and the domain, but the number of translators is huge and you will surely find one how matches these criteria. Also, you should aim for those who live in the country in which your destination market is, because language is dynamic and some expressions might get old or get replaced by new ones. And the last thing you have to do is ask for a free sample. Any respectable web consulting company providing translating services would agree to a test project, which you can check out to see if it pleases you.

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