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    It is very difficult to get noticed in an oversaturated market, and in 2015, with the internet as it currently is, there is no market that is not oversaturated. There may be one actually, it is that of good SEO agencies, unfortunately (or fortunately for them) they’re the ones other businesses come to, when in need of more promotion.

                To understand the deep need for SEOs, we must see what they do. A Search Engine Optimiser is someone who makes your website rank higher in search results on, well, search engines. All search engines have different algorithms for deciding what ranks higher than the next thing, but that does not change how a good SEO works. What it does change however, is how SEO scammers go about their jobs. In the online marketing communities, People who are good at optimising the search engine results are often referred to as “unicorns” because it may appear at first that what they do is impossible. Such a unicorn can get anything in the first page of results, even if it shouldn’t be there, and it is a very hard job to do while still keeping good customer service and maintaining relevance. Some of the ways people go about getting hits are very anti-customer, and what they do in the end only hurt the business, rather than advancing it; over-tagging, baiting, all kinds of schemes, really, which are pretty much like bullying the customer into seeing your website. When a good SEO is at work, and you are just one of the first things they see, it feels like the customer is the one that needs you.

                The big debate right now, though, is the relevance of search engine rankings with the rise and advent of the social media platforms, but it is only a surface debate. Every SEO will tell you (even the bad ones) that social media is a helper for rankings, it is a tool to use, not a replacement. It is very important how you see yourself in the future. If you like yourself where you are right now, if you’re content with your situation do some SEO work on your own, future-proof your business and website, but if you’re seeing yourself much higher in a couple of years’ time, call an SEO expert, and thank me later.

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